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The emperor

Let go

Divine masculine has been going through many challenges over the last few months and has been learning how to release and surrender all that does not serve a purpose.

Letting go can be a challenge in itself, the emperor signifies leadership along with ego.

Releasing the ego and starting over is what’s the divine masculine has been working on.

Six of cups


Remembering the past is very common with all of us.

Divine masculine has been thinking back up the times they were the most happy and content.

DM wants to start over and bring back the new again, although they are still working on letting go with releasing internal conflict, in order to find a perfect balance.

Seven of cups


Divine feminine has been surrendering many fear-based energies.

DF is still working on letting go of emotional insecurity that they’ve been caring on for so long, they have been fighting back even though they feel defeated emotionally.

It’s part of the process with healing and starting a new chapter in their life.



Divine feminine has so much strength inside themselves, they underestimate what they can do, they are currently healing from the previous traumas and letting go has not been easy.

Divine feminine is preparing and they know that something beautiful is about to happen with divine union.

Both Divine feminine and masculine are preparing to set the tone in their lives to manifest a connection and come to a divine union.

The cards used:

The Game of Thrones Tarot

The language of light

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