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This is love generalized reading focusing on Divine Partners (Soulmates, Karmic, Twin Rays and Twin flames) going through the ascension journey 3/31 - 4/6/2019.

Emotions are running high!

Breaking free

It has been an intense retrograde along with the solar flares that have been affecting the Collective, spiritually and emotionally.

This is a time when the emotions with both divine masculine and feminine have been on overdrive.

You may have been feeling like something is about to occur, especially in your love situation. The divine masculine is coming to a turning point. They are breaking free from past old patterns and wanting to start over again.

These both cards are indicating that they are starting to wake up and realize their true potential for love.

Step out of your comfort zone

Inner power

The divine masculine has been in this comfort zone place for some time, and as they start to awaken, the emotions are starting to make them see that it’s time to step out of their comfort zone and release energy’s that don’t serve a purpose.

They are taking more of a charge with their inner power and strength as many changes are about to happen with both divine masculine and feminine.

A time for healing

Awakening your true self

It’s been a difficult time for the divine feminine, as they start to awaken to their true authentic self and they are realizing that there is so much work that needs to be done.

This is a time for healing and releasing. As the divine masculine has been purging so is the divine feminine; this is a time with both DM & DF to purge out the negativity that has been pulling their soul vibration away from the union.

There are many changes occurring behind the scenes and the next step is the divine union!

Look at the bigger picture


The divine feminine is now starting to get it! They’ve been locked up in their own little world for some time because of their own hibernation and reflection.

The DF is starting to visualize what they truly want and desire when it comes to a love relationship. Visualization is the key in order to look at the bigger picture of your relationship situation.