DM NEW BEGINNINGS - Faces FEAR to finally move forward - Soulmate Twin Flames Reading 6/24-30/2018

Weekly oracle reading focusing on soulmates and Twin flames for the week of 6/24-30/2018

The Cards

Face your fears:

The divine masculine wants to move forward and he is starting to face their fears; DM can’t move forward, and we can’t open ourselves to new beginnings.

The divine masculine wants to open them self to changes. But first the divine masculine needs to let go of past emotional excess baggage.

Remember that the divine masculine may not be expressing or putting out the energy that you want right now, but the message is clear and is telling you that you need to give it time; there are some major changes happening behind the scenes.

Moving forward:

It’s time for us to start rising up and be brave. The time has come to just say I’ve had enough and I’m going to start moving forward.

Saying these powerful keywords "I am going to start opening myself to that new beginning and let my light shine".

June can be a very powerful month but also it can be a stressful month for a lot of us and it’s time to move forward.

Especially if you want to start over again, we’re getting close to the celebration month, next week, also for Canada and France but basically all over the world, this is a time that we can chill, starting to enjoy ourselves.


You are amazing and you’re a beautiful person, but holding back that beautiful energy, you are not releasing what is truly inside of you.

You know you are sensual and you are passionate about life. You know that side of you that makes you feel so beautiful and it’s not necessarily just for a woman, but a man as well.

We are equal, this is the Yin Yang and you have the sensuality you want to express to your divine partner. You need to express that part of yourself and you’ll be surprised that your soul mate will feel the same as well.

Sensuality raises your vibration and sensuality is a card that talks about raising the sensuality; it’s not about you being something that you think you need to, it’s not about you being somebody that is stereotyping what you think the Society wants you to be. It’s time to be your amazing sensual self.

New beginnings:

If we are not happy with ourselves like I said before, we have to let do and surrender, the new beginnings are not going to happen.

We are constantly evolving, we are constantly changing ourselves in order to get past negativities, to get past obstacles and I talk about this all the time when we are faced with an accumulation of negativity.

Yes, we are every time that we go outside more empathic than others. This is a time of new beginnings and new found happiness to start to blossom in your life. But it starts with you first.

Let go of past regrets, doubts and insecurities.

This will help you make room for those newfound energy’s that are trying to enter in your life to find peace and to be part of your love life.

Cards Used: Mystical Wisdom Cards by Gaye Guthrie and artwork by Josephine Wall

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Divine Union between Twin flames

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