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This reading is a generalized reading focusing on love, Soulmates, Twinflames & Divine Partners


Love heals fear

With the new moon in Aries and the energies starting over again, this is all about being aware and allowing love to conquer and heal fear.

The Divine Masculine has been holding back and closing off their emotions because of fear. Awareness is about to open their eyes and allow the love they feel in their heart to guide their way.



The DM has been in total denial of the truth, as we’ve been seeing them take one step forward and two steps back, trying to resist to what they feel in their heart because of their fear and ego.

Trying to have the strength to change things, it’s been a challenge and though it has been a very difficult few months, the Divine Masculine is going to start making changes.


One step at a time

It’s been also a very challenging time for the Divine Feminine! They’ve been going through issues with trusting and opening themselves to what they feel in their heart. Though it isn’t easy and they have been wanting to give up numerous times, something just keeps them standing.

The Divine Feminine needs to have more trust and faith in their heart.

They don’t want to give up but need to take it one step at a time and this is the key in order to find a new light and love within themselves.



They are very strong and more patient than what they give themselves credit for. The DF needs to put more of their energy into what they want to manifest. Focusing on moving forward and not looking back, it has been a very challenging time for them and it’s time for the DF to decide what they truly want in their heart and make a decision on which path to take.

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