Soulmates & Twin Flames Explained

Updated: Apr 13, 2018

Everyone thinks that Soulmates are the perfect romantic and loving partner.

Yes and No, true that soulmates are spiritually connected to us, But sometimes the pairing isn’t always smooth sailing or even romantic. There are different types who enter in our lives not always to be the over popularized Term "Soulmate".

Soulmate connections actually play a big role in our lives including friends, schoolmates, family, work colleagues, our neighbours and love relationships. When we share a Soulmate it's a person, that their soul center has a strong connection to our soul.

There are so many different types of Soul connections in the Soulmate group that include: Soulmates, Twin flames, Twin souls, Karmic connections, Soul families and Twin Rays. These Soulmate groups are similar to branches of a large tree. The energy of this tree is our divine soul center. This means a true soulmate you feel with a high vibrational energy. We all have met and will continue to meet soulmate connections, but those soul connections are the ones that evoke the strongest and most powerful spiritual memories.

Twin flames. The Twin flame shares the same high vibration with a soulmate connection. Twin flames are also part of the soulmate energy group, with an extreme powerful energy level. Twin flames connections come from the same soul source, that separate into two different souls,at the beginning. The twins are halves that become whole as one, remember when they are splitting, they are their own spirit.

The twin flame is a special soulmate connection that you only have one. The two soul energy incarnates together, or they skip to the next lifetime and remain on the other side. Twin flames are linked as one, these twin souls share the same soul energy, that when they first meet, they are intuitively aware of this intense and powerful connection.

Connecting with your Twin flame gives you both a spiritual direction and balance your lives. For example, a woman or have the female characteristics, then your twin flame is comprised of the divine masculine and vice versa, it does not matter on your gender. You both express the energy with yin-yang vibes. Meeting up with your twin flame on would accelerate your spiritual and energy growth.

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