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Soulmate Twin Flame Energy Stages

Updated: Apr 16, 2018

When Divine soulmates meet the first time. They can instantly recognize that there is a familiar energy, which they both feel and reciprocate.

A whole new world opens to their soul journey. There is an awakening to their inner spirit reaching the 5D energy level.

The psychic spiritual connection between these divine partners (soulmates, twin souls, twin rays, twin flames, karmic energy) is intense and very powerful. There is a complete unconditional love they feel with a total bliss for one another.

At the beginning of these phases, Divine Soulmates will experience the honeymoon phase; this is when their spirits start to merge into the divine union.

Many times, one may be awakened when the other isn’t, creating the runner and chaser stages.

Runners and chasers phases can happen with all of the soulmate connections group. Runners are not exactly running from their soulmate partner, but actually due to the lack of love that they fail to have in their hearts for themselves.

They are afraid to accept what they feel from their other half. When usually they don’t understand why they are running, but they are trying to block emotions from experiencing love. Unfortunately, there is no way to tell how long the Runner phase can go on, some can awaken right away and some can go on for a very long time before they finally wake up. Everyone's situation is unique and very different from each other. It’s never a good idea to compare your soul connection with others.

Chaser stages: The chaser does not completely understand why the runner runs away and tries to understand and find out the reasons why they are running. Chasers are usually blaming themselves for the runner running and can become very insecure about what is happening with their Divine Soulmate and wondering if they will ever return.

Runner and chasers life lessons: When the runner runs, there is a deep magnetic energy that tries to bring them to merge back together. Sooner or later they will be back in each other lives. The chaser however cannot disconnect from this connection, no matter how much they try to cut the ties, something always bring them back together.

Yes, there are so many different types of theories with soulmates and twin flame runners and chasers on the internet and if they are coming to a divine union in this lifetime or the next. This is one of my most popular question that I am asked about on a daily basis. The answer is Yes, when the runner is running, they are trying to find themselves and the same goes for the chaser as well.

Runner and chasers roles reversed:

The Runner and Chasers can actually switch roles. This is a common reversal for Runners and Chasers that I see all the time.

They are both seeking out each other and the truth but they are both scared of the intense energy vibration they both share.

This can repeat itself more than once until they finally figure out their true life path and are ready for the divine union.

They both need each other and were sent to be incarnated in this life together, coming to a divine union when they are both ready.

No one can answer why runner and chasers need to go through the separation, it’s part of their process. It can cause a lot of drama, emotional pain and chaos before they can finally live in Harmony. It's part of purging negative energy and purifying the soul energy.

In order for the divine union to manifest, you must first Love yourself. The first step to an awakening is accepting the divine love that you have unconditionally for not only your divine Soulmate but yourself as well.

Working on yourself is not always easy and can be a challenge, it’s very difficult to be positive and feel love for everything in your life.

It doesn’t matter if you are the runner or the chaser, this is a soul mission that you both are on and it takes time and energy to make it work.

It’s important to know that while you are going through this process, you’re not alone and your divine partner is also feeling the effects and it’s a time to embrace the love that you have in your heart, sending it out to the universe. This is a time to shine and focus on yourself, you are amazing!

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