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Psychic readings in Cleveland Ohio 44125, Psychic Ann offers Tarot card readings also available for psychic home party in the cuyahoga, Lorrain, summit and lake countly

All readings by Appointment only

In-person Psychic readings in Cleveland (OH) area
To schedual an appointment Email
or call (440) 804-5908
​Price List 2015
Private in-Person Psychic Readings by appointment only in Cleveland (OH) area

Two Palms - $20.00 (Up to 5-10 minutes)
Lines in palms revealing more about Characteristics and personality along with marriage & life lines.

Regular Oracle or Tarot

Oracle Tarot $30.00  (up to 10 - 12 min)
Provides clarity in currant situation with your currant situation with advise with obsticles.


Full Tarot & Oracle

Complete Psychic & Oracle Tarot $60.00 (up to 20 min) 
More detailed description of your current situation, More clarity in all life situations, gives more information with life related issues, provides



Spiritual Energy  

Angel cards and Crystals $30.00 (up to 10 - 12 min)

Aura and spiritual chakra reading, channeling the spirit guides finding truth and clarity of events and future path.

Soulmate Reading

Oracle Tarot cards and Crystals $60 (up to 20 min)

Focusing more into the love and relationships, channeling the energy around your soulmate - Twinflame connection. Get more detailed information about your future with your partner or when you will find your soulmate.

Full Life Complete Psychic reading

Tarot, Oracle, Crystals, palms and energy $90.00 (Up to 30-35 min) 
Combination of all readings above, most in depth accurate read on love & Soulmates. Exploring spiritual growth and energy balancing, find more clarity concerning important life decisions also final outcome of a relationship

To Schedule an appointment

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