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Twin Flames Separation - Working together - Reaching union

Prior to the union, there's a separation between divine counterparts including Soulmates and Twin flames.

They must first work on themselves separately in order to purify their souls to come together as one. We have more than one Soulmate as many of you may already know that enter in our lifetimes.

They are all unique and each one serves a divine purpose. Twin flames are very special and unique because they are mirroring one another’s soul. You only have one Twin flame.

Karma connections sometimes can feel like a Twin flame.

But very different as they’re sent to us to help us find our true purpose and lead us to our divine counterparts.

The only way to find the truth if you are with your karmic is when you have actually found your true twin. The karmic will be completely out of your heart.

Twin flames need to be in perfect alignment prior to the union. They need to release unnecessary energies, ego and examine their true purpose.

Their lives will change completely and things will never be the same when you find your divine counterpart.

Releasing old wounds, and emotional conflict can trigger feelings of sadness, hurt, pain, anger, and energies from the past.

This is the main reason why the separation process is so necessary to help release these energies and find clarity inside themselves.

When Twin flames find each other, it sometimes isn’t easy to release these issues. There is a deep intense amount of energy and emotional feelings that need to be purged away.

Ego and emotional pride can create chaos, creating disagreements between Twin flames. They must first be ready to find harmony with one another. The best thing to do is not put any type of timeframe of exactly when the union will happen.

It is because they must work on themselves and everyone is different. You can’t put a label or timing on how long that is going to be. In many cases, it can take as little as two weeks to 10 years.

It’s really impossible for time frames to be accurate when it comes to Twin flames.

Whatever the situation is, it is all part of working on themselves to find a union with one another.

There is a certain amount of pain, hurt, and a feeling that sometimes is unbearable emotionally. But this can change overnight once the ascension of the union begins.

The separation process can be sometimes very difficult.

The one thing you have to remember is that you cannot disconnect or sever the ties from your divine counterpart.

Let go and surrender negativity, while focusing on positive thoughts, keeping an open mind. This is a new chapter that opens the doors for divine union.


Twin flames can feel each other energetically. As they reach one another to their higher selves, they can see their blocks and anything that is hindering their union.

Twin flames will always be compelled to one another as a magnet is to metal. This creates emotional surges of energy, especially when the ego gets in the way.

Another reason for separation as they work on themselves and uncover their authentic selves. When union does happen, they will be able to activate the energy of the twin flames, to be together as one.

Understanding each other for destiny to manifest. Twin flames have more work together. It’s not just about total bliss with living a beautiful life together as a couple.

But it’s actually so much more. They are brought together in this life to help the greater good. They actually work together to find ways of making life better in the world.

This is an extreme and most beautiful experience for Twin flames and divine counterparts.

Though it may be very challenging in the beginning, it turns them both up into upgraded versions of themselves and living into the 5D frequency level together.

Ego is a big factor when it comes to Twin flame union. No one wants to hear that they are wrong, or need to change things in their life. This is a simple reason why they must work on themselves separately to release and let go of blockages that are inhibiting them from coming into union.

But as they finally work on themselves, Ego was automatically eliminated and healing begins. They face their own traumatic experiences and humble themselves, as they prepare for divine union.

Twin flames are special and very unique as they continuously reciprocate telepathic communication to each other, becoming more efficient with the energies and in tune with interpreting the messages they are receiving.

If you have questions about your divine Partner, Soulmate, Twin flame or any other romantic person of interest Click here

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