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🔥TWIN FLAMES READING ❤️ DM Letting of EGO & Hears messages from HIGHERSELF (Awakening) ❤️

Awakening is happening right now for the DM & DF as they find truth. This year has brought intense energy shifts for everyone. The DM is about to hit rock bottom, they are preparing for changes.

The DM is tired of running, they want to break free and connect to their higher self. This is a big breakthrough for both DM & DF. The DM is starting to open their eyes to the internal truth and gain strength to move forward.

DF wants to detach from drama and they are realizing it’s time to press the reset button with their energies.

DM & DF are coming out their comfort zone, as they hear their inner voice telling them it’s OK and they don’t have to be scared. Many new changes are about to happen for both DF and DM. For a limited time only, I'm offering one free question

To book a reading session with me I offer Phone, chat and Email readings ❤️

Decks used: Goddess dream oracle - Wendy Andrew Letting go, new beginnings, trust, forgiveness. 🌟 Sacred power reading cards - Anna Stark Intimacy, transformation, energy balance, reflection. (Both decks - Rockpool publishing)

If you this reading helped you and would like to buy me a coffee or donate any amount to my channel, it is GREATLY appreciated!! I love you for all your support! It's a POSITIVE energy exchange PAYPAL; VENO @psychicann

Many of you have been so kind and wanting to send me a deck of cards. My amazon wishlist:

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