Soulmate Twin flame Reading 6/17-23/2018 - DM is Moving Forward - Makes a Choice to Start Over

This reading is for the week 6/17-23/2018

I've used the Magical unicorns oracle cards by Doreen Virtue for this reading.

Let go of stress!:

The divine Masculine is stressed and not settled on what is on the surface. Many times we can a allow stressful situations to overcome us and it will effect our daily routine.

The divine masculine doesn’t want to be in this stagnant area and stressed he's living his life to the fullest potential.

He has a a lot of Ego based energy, he is fighting but is confused. This happens when you don’t know how to let go of stress, and stress can be accumulated all of us on our every day lives.

Divine masculine has so much love to give but he's been holding back, the divine masculine has been a runner for a while and they’re running from something inside themselves. Now the divine masculine as not necessarily a man that’s running, this reflects any gender.

Believe in yourself!:

It's important to believe in yourself, and focus on what is the heart.

The Divine Masculine has so much love to share and open that closer door. But he isn't believing himself, he has past emotions he is trying run from. But he is tired and he wants to make a change and start coming back to his home.

He wants to be grounded. He is starting to see things differently, its up to him to start trusting and believe in himself.


Making a choice and decide why you need to make a decision.

Maybe your relationship is in a crisis and this person just doesn’t seem like they’re meant for you for you to have not been happy for so long.

This is a time to decide if this really is a relationship that you want to spend the rest of your life with or is just because you’re waiting you don’t wanna be alone and codependent on this person.

That it makes you feel like you’re going to be alone and don't have to face your fears of going out on your own. The Divine Feminine is fighting back and wants to feel independent, if you are going through a separation, she needs to get confirmation that she is is on the right path.

Deciding if she needs to open herself to others or hang in there and fight for what she feels in her heart. This has to be your decision, this is a time for you to focus on what you want not what others think or what the think you should do. This is all about you!

Worth waiting for:

For separation this card is telling you that this person is worth waiting for is worth and to have patience. for thoiuse of you who are not in a relationship, its best to have patience it's worth waiting for. You may feel neglected that this person isn’t giving you the time you need or putting in the effort. They may be going through something and if you’re with someone going through a difficult time, they may be going through a separation/divorce or you’re going through it

and trying to decide what to do next, the message is clear it’s all about you being patient waiting for the divine timing and it worth waiting for.

The Divine feminine is examining the situation and needs to make an important decision, the key here is believe in yourself letting go of the stress.

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